18 Jun 2013

The sensitive crystallization: the method to see the vital forces of a product

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At Argital we use sensitive crystallization to test the vitality of our raw materials and our products. The sensitive crystallization is a qualitative method that highlights the presence of vital forces inside a product, like food or cosmetic. This test was carried out by Pfeiffer under suggestion of Rudolf Steiner. Pfeiffer asked to Steiner: “how can I see the vital forces?”. And Steiner answered: “through the crystallization”.

For the test they chose a Copper salt, Copper chloride, because its needle-shaped crystals can be easily moulded by the vital forces, developing beautiful images.

The image on the left corresponds to the Copper chloride crystallization and shows aggregates of small and big crystals without shape. The most visible aggregates are disposed at the edges. The image on the right corresponds to the clay crystallization and shows the capacity of clay to shape the Copper chloride crystals.

The sensitive crystallization tests that we carry out on our products, like in this case on our green clay, reveal their high vitality. The image on the right resembles the luxuriant shapes of the vegetal and coral world. We can highlight the big difference between the two images: the one on the left, copper chloride, does not develop any shape, while the one on the right, green clay, develops a flourishing image.