Green Clay
Clays are the main component of the earth’s surface, and play a vital role in the life of man and the realm of nature.
Allergen free Line
Allergen-Free Argital Line*, original and innovative, is for all those people who love high quality natural cosmetics.
Demeter Line
Argital has conceived this new very high quality line using Demeter raw materials.
Baby Line
Argital Baby Line is the fruit of research and a test conducted by Argital, with the help of mothers, on babies affected with severe nappy rash.
For dental hygiene and health and that of the entire oral cavity.
The luminous silicious forces in Argital green clay renders hair healthy and strong, preventing hair loss.
Bath and shower gels, personal hygiene soap, liquid soap
Water and Argital green clay gel, two fresh and vital primordial elements for the daily encounter.
The delicate cleansing and exfoliant action of green clay. On contact with water Argital vegetable soaps produce a particularly soft foam to gently caress the skin.
Biolavo detergents
Cleaning and sanitizing in nature's way. Vegetal foaming agents, vegetable soap, green clay gel, pure essential oils. Eco-friendly. Preservative free.