A dynamic work environment and serene at the same time, composed of young, capable and motivated.
A working environment that is at the same time both dynamic and serene, made up of young, capable, and motivated individuals. These are the basic factors that go to creating a unique and closely-knit team that follows each and every product throughout the production process: the scientific research (Rossella); the program and package quality control (Ascanio);  the extraction and grinding of clay (Pippo, Pino); the production (Adel, Mauro) and the quality control (Mauro, Rossella); the packaging (Raffaella, Cristina, Melania, Cristina, Maria, Sara, Simona, Zaira, Carmen, Antony); the orders‘ reception from Italy and abroad (Giusy, Stefania); warehouse management and the execution of orders (Giovanna, Toni, Enrico, Giorgio), the accounting operations (Sabrina, Gabriella); marketing (Greta).

All under the careful supervision of Dott. Giuseppe Ferraro, the founder of Argital and Head of Research and Product Formulation.