18 May 2016

News. Relief and comfort for women, every month, with the five day Cream and Oil.

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For relief from the discomfort that many women experience every month, two new products are now available from Argital research: the five day Cream and Oil. 

A natural remedy, available both in a cream and an oil form, to relax and comfort a woman during the five day period of the month in which she is particularly vulnerable to tension and discomfort, both physically and psychologically.

The beneficial aspect of these products comes from a combination of active principles found naturally in organic medicinal herbs and in green clay gel, which relax, comfort and protect.

In particular:

  • Potentilla and green clay gel extracts relax and comfort;
  • Lamium album, Bearberry, Clary Sage, known in some cultures as the woman’s herb, add a sense of well-being;
  • Avocado and sweet almond oils develop a subtle warmth that nourishes the skin and comforts the spirit;
  • Ylang-Ylang, Lemon and Lavender essential oils, together with Vanilla extract, express the spirit of feminity on an olfactory level and give to the five day Cream and Oil a relaxing, sweet and delicate aroma, and a clean, fresh feeling.

Simple to use: at the first signs of pain, delicately massage the lower abdomen with a dab of the five day cream or a few drops (from 3 to 5) of  the five day Oil, until the product is completely absorbed.