Natural cosmetics

Skin is the edge through which good or bad quality can pass. That’s why cosmetics must be, first of all, healthy.

Argital has always been respectful of some essential principles:
  • raw materials quality
  • the way to work them and to put them together with sympathy
  • the frequency of production, in order to guarantee the maximum freshness
  • the choice of packaging, in order to preserve the product best
  • quality controls during the production and right after
  • the thought that lives behind all this work. Since healthy cosmetics is the result of a healthy thought.

Argital’s products contain:

  • Sun dried green clay in powder or in gel form. Clay gel is the water-soluble part of clay, rich in mineral salts and trace elements
  • Pure essential oils
  • Pure vegetable oils
  • Officinal herbs with the Demeter certification, organically certified and harvested from spontaneous cultivations
  • Pure spring water
  • Natural vitamins
  • Vegetable emulsifiers and foaming agents
  • 30 years of experience.

Argital respects animals

The raw materials used and Argital’s products are not tested on animals. Argital has always supported the associations that protect animals‘ life and dignity.

Argital takes care of freshness

The production is made in small lots, in order to guarantee always the maximum freshness.

Argital respects the environment

All products are packed in recyclable aluminum or glass cases, except the bath and shower gels, packed in recyclable plastic phials, for safety reasons.
The ingredient composition is indicated on all products with a scaled standard, according to the European INCI code.