27 Oct 2016

Let’s take care of our hair naturally with Argital Shampoo and the Vegetal hair Conditioner

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While brushing our hair, we can also look after it in a natural way: strengthen it, prevent it from falling, encourage growth, protect the scalp, using the products best suited for its needs.
Argital Shampoo is highly biodegradable and provides an effective and gentle cleansing action and repairs the hair, thanks to the presence of plant proteins. Green clay, rich in silica strengthening , makes the hair healthy, strong and bright. The Demeter medicinal herb, pure vegetable oils and pure essential oils rebalance the scalp’s sebum production, preventing the formation of dandruff.

The range includes four gentle shampoos capable of responding to the needs of different types of hair and skin, always in a natural way and with maximum results:

Shampoo for normal or dry hair, with Burdock extract that performs a rebalancing action and extract of Juniper berries that gives shine to dull hair;
Shampoo for greasy hair, whose mix of Demeter herbs, pure plant oils, pure essential oils rebalances the scalp, preventing the formation of dandruff;
Shampoo for blonde or delicate hair, with extract of Chamomile flower, protects, lightens and makes blond hair brighter;
Purifying Shampoo, with Green Clay, Mistletoe and Lemon, absorbs free radicals and makes the hair more radiant, giving a pleasant feeling of wellbeing and lightness.

After shampooing, we recommend using the repairing Argital Vegetal Hair Conditioner with Green clay and Jojoba oil. The Argital Plant-based Conditioner is a cream not a balm. The completely natural action is bestowed by the Green clay which absorbs electrostatic charges that remain on the hair after shampooing, caused by foaming, and prevents tangling. The Jojoba oil makes the hair softer and easier to comb.