How can we use Argital fine green clay powder?
It can be used for cataplasms, compress, baths, masks; external use.
Base mask: 1 cup of Fine Green Clay, 1 tablespoon Honey, 1 tablespoon Sweet Almond or Olive oil, ½ cup natural mineral water. In one cup of mineral water, dissolve the honey, add the oil and mix well, then gradually add 1 cup of fine clay continuing to stir energetically until the mixture is smooth and creamy.

How can we use Argital ventilated active green clay?
In the morning before breakfast, take one glass of water and melt inside a teaspoon of Argital ventilated active green clay, stir very well and wait for 5 minutes. Then drink only the clay gel that is formed on the surface of water and leave the clay sediments that are on the bottom.

Can we take it in another form?
Yes, you can take the Flower of clay capsules.

At what age can we start to take Argital ventilated active green clay?
From 3 years old on. For children give only one spoon of clay gel to drink.

Why is it good to take Argital ventilated active green clay?
It is a natural tonic for skin and for body that has anti-age, purifying, energetic, toning, mineralizing, balancing properties.

How long can we continue to take Argital ventilated active green clay?
It is possible to take it for the whole life, since green clay it’s a strong anti-ageing substance that slows the normal ageing process.
In alternative you can take it for 2 months then stop for a while and start again.

What are the allergens?
We indicate as allergens the components of essential oils that can cause reactions in some very delicate people and with pathologies.
The allergens we refer to are the ones listed in the Legislative Decree 15/02/2005 n. 50.

Which are the most delicate products and more suitable to people with sensitive skin and affected by allergies?
All our products are very delicate, they do not contain preservatives and chemical additives.
However, we have developed a new line without allergens that is suitable to all people with allergies and that do not bear perfumes. The allergen free line is composed by: Hand Cream, Violet Cream for face, Violet Oil Lotion for face.

Which products do not contain alcohol?
Honey and ropolis soap, almond soap, anti-dandruff lotion, anti-wrinkle oil, talcum powder, firming bust oil, arnica oil, refreshing oil, regenerating oil, relaxing oil, oil for veins and capillaries, slimming oil, hypericum oil, invigorating oil, saturn oil, sun oil, earth oil, base oils (borage seed, wheat germ, sweet almonds, grapeseed, avodaco), liquid vegetal soap for washing machine, biolavo washing-up liquid.

Is it possible that the products containing alcohol can cause problems?
The alcohol we use is ethylic alcohol for food use certified organic, coming from wheat starch. It is present in minimum quantity in the products and it evaporates immediately when it gets in contact with the skin, so it does not create any problem.

For eczema problems which product can be used?
A good remedy is Oak bark decoctionapplied on the affected part with wet bandage. After this treatment you can spread allergen-free violet oil lotion and allergen-free violet cream. In alternative: clean with baby protective milk cleanser, at last apply Argiltubo mask, then allergen-free violet oil lotion and allergen-free violet cream. Take ventilated active green clay in the morning.

Which products can be used against psoriasis?
Allergen-free violet cream, burdock cream or echinacea cream. In alternative: clean with baby protective milk cleanser and apply one time baby protective powder and the other time allergen-free violet cream.

Which products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
All Argital products are certified Vegan Ok a part from: Dentie and propolis toothpaste, honey and propolis soap, hand cream with helichrysum and propolis, propolis cream, saturn oil, earth oil.

What is dinamization? What is its effect on products?
Dinamization is a technique used in the preparation of homeopathic remedies that allows to elevate to maximum degree the energy and the functionality of a given active principle. The dinamization gathers and concentrates the cosmic forces and adds to the substances a new highly characterizing element: the rhythm.

What are the properties of green clay on our skin?
It is a strong anti-age substance that models our body. Argital green clay contrasts our ageing process, it is our best ally as natural anti-age product.

During the homeopathic treatments do we have to avoid the use of mint toothpaste?
We have formulated a specific product that is not in contrast with homeopathic remedies, Omeobital toothpaste.

Which toothpaste can be used against caries?
All of them.

Which cream is more indicated for greasy skin?
Rose cream (it is suitable for all skin type and sebum-regulating).

Which cream is more indicated for dry skin?
Nourishing Moisturizing cream

Which products can be used against acne and pimples?
Vegetalatte milk cleanser to clean the skin, composed water as tonic and burdock cream.

Which products can be used against body’s stretch marks?
Slimming mud, relaxing oil, firming cream Florè.

Which products can be used against breast’s stretch marks?
Argiltubo, violet cream and relaxing oil.

Which products can be used to soothe face red blotches?
Argiltubo, violet cream and chamomile cream.

Are there any products that can be used as natural perfumes and deodorants?
Yes, our scented waters (rose, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, neroli).

Which products can be used against cellulites?
Firming cream Florè, slimming cream Florange, slimming mud, slimming oil.

What can we do if Saturn oil congeal in winter?
This can happen due to beeswax ingredient. Keep it warm close to a heat source until it gets back to liquid form.

Why using Biolavo detergents?
Because they are ecological and respect the natural environment not releasing any chemical substances and additives. They are composed of vegetal foaming agents, green clay and pure essential oils, without preservatives.
Your skin will benefit from their use too, since it won’t be damaged by contact with chemical additives like optical fibers, softeners, colorings, enzymes.

Which products are good to soothe cartilage problems, e.g. on knees?
Apply Argiltubo mask, arnica cream, take ventilated active green clay orally.