24 Apr 2016

Cleaner, stronger and more nourished hair with Argital Purifying Shampoo

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Purifying Shampoo, with green clay, mistletoe and lemon, is a unique and innovative product that can free your hair from impurities, giving it splendour and softness.

The active ingredients in Purifying Shampoo nourish, protect and strengthen your hair, preventing hair loss and weakness.
The green clay in particular has a sebo-regulating and anti-ageing action, the mistletoe extract frees the hair from impurities with an antioxidant action; flax seeds extract softens the hair, making it shinier and easier to brush.
The mixture of the essential oils Ylang Ylang, Eucalyptus, Mysore Sandalwood, Lemon, Litsea cubeba, Mint, Incense and Red thyme, regulate the production of sebum, remove oil and clean making the hair stronger and healthier, giving it an exclusive and pleasant perfume.

Suitable for all types of hair, Argital Purifying Shampoo nourishes and strengthens the scalp, preventing hair weakness and loss and gives it a pleasant sense of well-being and lightness during and after washing.

Argital Purifying Shampoo is an organic product preservatives free, certified by BDIH and ICEA.