Argital commitment to research and development of new products

A very important part of our work at Argital is constituted by the research on raw materials, and by the development and supervision of new products that follow the real need of users. read more →

The triple action of green clay

Green clay carry out a triple action on the three layers of the skin. read more →

Sage officinal herb

A herb of heat anf life. Beneficial for blood, regulates lactation when nursing has stopped and excessive perspiration, invigorates the stomach and gums, favours menstruation, helps during menopause and combats depression. It is also known as womens herb. read more →

Tricolor Violet officinal herb

The Spring herb, where life renews itself. Effective for cradle crap, eczema, impure skin with blackheads and acne, reddening of skin, scalds and resistent cases of dermatitis. One among the plants of Hildegard of Bingen. read more →

Mountain Arnica officinal herb

Mountain Arnica is a plant of light that spontaneously grows in high mountain. It has always been used as an oily extract or a cream, for bruises, contusions, traumas, reddenings, burns and scalds. read more →

The qualities of green Clay

A harmony of light, rythme and heat. Three qualities, three elements of health that reflect the great gestures of the cosmos, concealed within clay’s silica, iron and calcium. Anti-ageing, maintains a youthful skin and body read more →

SOFAI summer meeting entitled: “The world of trees: a path towards the mystery of 7″

Dear Friends, we just ended last moday in Bedonia, in the Parma mountains, SOFAI (Society of Italian Anthroposophic Pharmacists) summer meeting. The topic of our meeting this year was ” The world of trees: a path towards the mystery of 7″, presented by Dr Gabriella Giannì, pharmacist. Dr Stefano Pederiva presented an original conference entitled “The.. read more →

The importance of being allergen free for Argital products

Argital developed its own know-how to produce preservative free cosmetics, aiming to offer products which are functional, rich in vitality and healthy. Preservatives used in cosmetics can indeed be unhealthy. They are used to inhibit the growth of microorganism like bacteria, yeasts, mildews, but with their function they also kill the vitality of the product. Using preservatives along time can bring also to the appearance of dermatitis and other skin problems. read more →

The sensitive crystallization: the method to see the vital forces of a product

At Argital we use sensitive crystallization to test the vitality of our raw materials and our products. The sensitive crystallization is a qualitative method that highlights the presence of vital forces inside a product, like food or cosmetic. This test was carried out by Pfeiffer under suggestion of Rudolf Steiner. Pfeiffer asked to Steiner: “how can I see the vital forces?”. And Steiner answered: “through the crystallization” read more →