Argital hand creams: soft, protected hands, winter-proof

With the winter season, our skin is continuously faced with rapid changes in temperature, going from heated closed rooms to the outside cold. Hands, in particular, are the most exposed to the wind and weather, and are continuously stressed, which leads to skin redness, chapping and irritation. read more →
14 Jan 2017
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Let’s take care of our hair naturally with Argital Shampoo and the Vegetal hair Conditioner

While brushing our hair, we can also look after it in a natural way: strengthen it, prevent it from falling, encourage growth, protect the scalp, using the products best suited for its needs. read more →
27 Oct 2016
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A natural and gentle oral hygiene with Argital products

Oral hygiene is important. It is equally important that this hygiene is achieved naturally, without the use of preservatives and chemicals that may be harmful to your health in the long run. read more →
11 Oct 2016
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A bath with green clay and essential oils, for an immersion in wellness

Green clay is a natural anti-ageing element, a primordial substance with extraordinary plastic qualities that make it unique. Clay, a bearer of vital powers and the energy absorbed from the sun during drying, contains silica, a mineral that is capable of slowing the ageing processes and making the skin youthful, elastic and toned. read more →
30 Sep 2016
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A lovely review from a loyal customer

It is many years now that I “cure” myself with Argital because phytotherapy is a philosophy of life for me, however few products have the scent and freshness that yours have. read more →
02 Aug 2016
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Personal Hygiene Soap: a new and more delicate formula

Argital research constantly works to improve current products. This work brings to the elaboration of a new formula for Personal Hygiene Soap, today more delicate on the skin. read more →
12 Jun 2016
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Argital Natural Glossy Lip Balm for soft lips, protected from the sun and the wind.

With the summer season here, our lips are more at risk to the sun’s aggressive rays which tend to dry them out, making them more susceptible to irritations and cracks. read more →
25 May 2016
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News. Relief and comfort for women, every month, with the five day Cream and Oil.

For relief from the discomfort that many women experience every month, two new products are now available from Argital research: the five day Cream and Oil. read more →
18 May 2016
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Cleaner, stronger and more nourished hair with Argital Purifying Shampoo

Purifying Shampoo, with green clay, mistletoe and lemon, is a unique and innovative product that can free your hair from impurities, giving it splendour and softness… read more →
24 Apr 2016
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