14 Jan 2017

Argital hand creams: soft, protected hands, winter-proof

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With the winter season, our skin is continuously faced with rapid changes in temperature, going from heated closed rooms to the outside cold.  Hands, in particular, are the most exposed to the wind and weather, and are continuously stressed, which leads to skin redness, chapping and irritation.

To keep your hands soft and healthy, we suggest you use Argital Hand Creams: it has a protective action, it prevents irritation and heals small cuts and lesions due to skin chapping.

Argital Hand Cream with Helichrysum, Propolis and Green Clay gel  protects from the cold, the wind, and from humidity. Completely natural and preservative-free, it can be used multiple times during the day, to aid in the recovery of a normal skin balance, even in the case of chilblains.

For sensitive skin that does not tolerate perfumes nor essential oils, we recommend Argital’s allergen-free Hand Cream, a neutral cream with no perfumes and essential oils.

Argital Hand Cream with Helichrysum and Propoli and  Allergen Free Hand Cream are certified BDIH and contain organic agricolture ingredients.