A unique Clay

It comes from a pit in the deep south of Sicily. The area, clean and unpolluted, is sunny and breezy for most of the year.

Argital green clay is extracted during summer months, when sun forces are stronger and intense, to be used during the whole year.
Thanks this huge amount of light and sun heat absorbed, it’s extraordinarily rich in forces.

A unique property that makes clay a body modelling agent and as a natural anti-ageing product.
The clay, of marine origin, is rich in mineral salts and natural oligoelements that help in making it particularly active.

Its age between 6 and 16 million years, situates it in a geological time in which Earth has been particularly full of vital forces, beneficial forces that our clay has kept intact throughout the time and that it returns to our body each time we use it as a toothpaste, a shampoo, a beauty mask or just as a powder to be melted in the water for a relaxing and regenerating bath.

It contains bivalent iron, which is a a younger and more effective and that also gives this greenish color to the clay, differently from the reddish clays that instead contain trivalent iron.

When mixed with water, Argital green clay becomes a beautiful green coloured cream, glossy, soft, smooth and pliable.
Once the cream gets in touch with the skin you can feel a very pleasurable sensation of well-being.