21 Apr 2016

A slimming treatment to face summer in the better shape

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Summer is approaching: Argital slimming mud, with green Clay and sweet Orange essential oil, will help you to smooth and tone up your skin and face summer with more self-confidence.

Argital slimming mud is made of green Clay, rich in plastic and shaping forces that carry out a firming action against cellulite. The vegetable extracts of Birch, Mountain Arnica, red Vine, Chestnut, Ivy, Meadowsweet and Nettle strenghen the action against cellulite. They are astringent, invigorating, draining  and improve the energetic circulation favouring the reabsorption of fat and cellulite. The essential oil of sweet orange helps reducing the cellulite and makes the skin smooth and compact, thanks also to the essential oils of Lemon, Fennel and Rosemary.

How to use: apply the slimming mud on the body part that you want to treat, massage it and cover with a kitchen paper, then wrap the body part in a cotton cloth (so you can move around easily). Leave on place from half an hour to 2 hours, then remove the mud.

To strengthen the action of slimming mud you can apply after it Florange cream and Slimming oil for cellulite. Put a dose of Florange cream on your hand’s palm, add 5 sprays of Slimming oil for cellulite, mix all together with your fingers, apply on the body part and massage, especially after the shower when the skin pores are most dilated, to obtain the maximum effect.

You can ask you herbalist also for a good herbal tea to drink during the treatment, we suggest Birch herbal tea.